3 Quick & Easy Ideas to Get Your NPO Noticed!

1.  Sponsor an essay and poster contest at the local schools. Choose a topic, a set of prizes, and a deadline. Done. This costs virtually nothing – especially if you can secure donated items for the prizes. The key is to pick the perfect topic – something that relates to your organization and will get teachers, parents, and kids excited!

2.  Sponsor a local little tikes sports team or grade school event. This gets your organization logo on the back or sleeve of little ones around town. A t-shirt is a walking billboard in season and out. Depending on your budget and the team budget, sponsorship can run anywhere between a few hundred dollars or thousands. But considering how many folks will see the t-shirts – decide if it is worth it.

3.  Invest in small promotional items. Drawstring backpack - another walking billboard. Of course, pens or pencils are the old standbys. But don’t shy away from stress relieve balls, magnet refrigerator calendars, and other items that folks still like to have around the house. Simply ask local coffee houses, dental or doctor offices, and such if you can leave them for patrons.

I’m sure there are many more – please feel free to share your tricks in the comment section.


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