How do I determine a reasonable fundraising goal?

One of the quickest ways to decide a reasonable fundraising goal if you are just getting started is to check out Plug in a number. The breakdown provided is a basic industry standard for donor appeals. How many folks do you know (or, if your organization has donors - how many) at each level? Notice the column for number of gifts needed and how many prospects you need to attain that number of gifts. 

How do I find donors for my mission?

Fundraising for nonprofits always begins with you and your personal network.  Once you've guessed a person's capacity to give, ask yourself - What is their propensity to give? 

Think: My mother would give me the shirt off her back (propensity) but is on a fixed income.  [Propensity without capacity]. My best friend's brother is a retired dot com millionaire but my mission is a pro-choice women's rights organization and he is a deacon in the Catholic church. [Capacity without Propensity].