Are you tired of attending webinars with 500+ participants, feeling like the information is so vague that you can’t quite figure out how to apply it to your circumstances, hoping to ask a question but never getting a chance? Are you looking for a more intimate setting with more individualized attention? 

The Get Prep’ED for Profitability Webinar Series could be just right for you! Each Webinar + Followup Consultation is limited to 20 attendees. 

Enroll in a webinar (or several) and schedule a personal one-to-one 30-minute follow-up with host, Janet Cobb. Almost like attending an in-person workshop and sitting afterwards for coffee to pick my brain. For best results, schedule an appointment before the webinar so you can follow-up within a week or so of the live webinar whenever everything is fresh in your mind.

  • Don't worry -- follow-up sessions WILL NOT be a sales pitch! I answer your questions pertaining to the webinar topic. 
  • Don't worry - if you're too busy to attend live sessions, a recording of the webinar will be available for viewing within 24 hours.
  • Don't worry - if you missed a month, you can purchase as an on-demand webinar and still schedule a follow-up session. 


January:  Setting Realistic Goals


February: Three Plan Approach: Knock Fundraising Out of the Park


April: Making Magic with Monthly Gifts


May: Creating an Attitude of Gratitude

June: We Are All in This Together: A Case for Transparency


July: Is Your Board Bored?

Note Date Change to Tuesday, July 3


August: I’m Not That Into You: How to Avoid ‘Go Away Money’

September: The Proof is in the Pudding: Demonstrating Your Impact

October: Ready for Year-End Fundraising?

November: Giving Tuesday: Join or Not? 



December: Keep Calm in Midst of Frenzy