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Fundraising Coach

Together we explore how you can move the needle to bring your vision to reality. Step off the hamster wheel for 60-minutes OR two 30-minute sessions each month. Engage in big-picture thinking and practical implementation. Sessions help you stay on track, gain new insight - and ultimately, better fulfill your mission.

Get Prep'ed For Profitability Webinar Series

Monthly First Wednesday Webinar Series with limited attendees to allow for participant follow-up consultation. Not an up-sell. Follow-up sessions are for you to get practical questions answered about the topic, one-on-one. To assure you that I won't up-sell, multi-webinar packages are available. The more you purchase upfront, the more you save. 

Contracted Services:           

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Facilitation and Retreats
  • Communications Planning & Review
  • 12-month Fundraising Roadmap


I thank my stars Janet Cobb appeared on my radar when she did!
— B. B.
Janet has an amazing ability to see the big picture and to envision exactly how building blocks of a task, project or organization need to fit together to support the vision and mission. She’s also terrific with the day to day nuts and bolts and brings creativity and enthusiasm to daily work.
— Janet W.