When you get an opportunity to work with Janet, you will quickly realize that she is the best-of-the-best.
— Daniel T. (Senior Financial Analyst)
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Happy Clients

Janet's consistent ability to provide constructive guidance along with her ability to listen to my professional struggles has been great. It's helped me identify solutions to a number of problems I needed help with.

- A.M., The Lens

We worked with Janet on specific fundraising items and she was phenomenal in both her knowledge and coaching tact.

– E.S., SOAR

Ms. Cobb is willing to flex to my organization needs and work with me to customize the coaching and consultation I receive.

– Dr. K.H. – FFHC

Janet has made such a huge difference to our business in the almost 2 years we have been meeting.

– S.K., all for One

I thank my stars that Janet Cobb appeared on my radar when she did. As my agency embarked on a strategic planning process, Janet offered us the kind of knowledgeable and experienced guidance that led to focused and purposeful planning. She was available, and as tactful or direct as needed, as she helped us form the strategic steps needed to expand our capacity and create a more sensible corporate structure. We are well on our way, and I don’t think that we could have done it without Janet. -- 

— B.B., Interfaith action of evanston

Janet's enthusiasm for making the world a better place is contagious. Her very diverse background with so many real-world extreme experiences makes Janet a patient, well-rounded person who is willing to give others a chance. Whenever I spend time with Janet, I walk away energized and a little bit better of a person. She is very organized with strong leadership skills, but at the same time she welcomes input from others and will empower others to do their best.

— Donna B. (Editor, Consultant and Food Guru at Dairy & Food Communications, Inc.)

Janet has an amazing ability to see the big picture and to envision exactly how building blocks of a task, project or organization need to fit together to support the vision and mission. She's also terrific with the day to day nuts and bolts and brings creativity and enthusiasm to daily work.

— Janet W. (Director of Development at Carondelet High School, California)

Janet has a creative, innovative mind, capable of approaching many tasks and challenges with grace, diplomacy, strategy and finesse.

— Nathaniel S. (Owner at crossedi innovations, llc)

Janet is a consummate networker and fund-raiser ... I am impressed with her hard work, follow through, and extremely creative ideas around fundraising and outreach. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and I am grateful for her support and good ideas.

— Anita J. (Executive Director at The Career Transitions Center of Chicago)


— Candy, chicago

Janet was a pleasure to work with and has great interpersonal and communication skills. Her ability to organize large groups of people toward a common goal is one of her many strong points. 

— Sharon W. (Senior Director, Hospital Consulting at The Advisory Board Company)

Janet Cobb is more than I could have ever wished for; helping our small, struggling nonprofit learn how to navigate and prevent board crisis. I cannot thank Janet enough for her exceptional service and the extreme value she offers to our organization!

- Kyle L., St. Louis